How to Define the Correct Purpose For your Blog Post

The article will be all over the place, without any purpose and they irk me. I used to struggle through them, hoping that they would come together at the end but those once-in-a-blue-moon-ramblings rarely do. Nowadays, I don’t bother reading till the end if I catch on early enough that it’s a purposeless ramble.There’s a blog that I follow and for the most part, the blog posts are enthralling. They’re usually spellbinding interviews or musings and they’re the perfect way to enjoy your tea break at work. But every now and then, the writer of that blog will post an article that is more of a ramble. Continue reading “How to Define the Correct Purpose For your Blog Post”

The perfect device for blogging: laptop, tablet or desktop?

If you’re a blogger, having the right device for blogging is important. That’s because you’ll do every aspect of blogging – from outlining to writing, designing and posting – on it. If you’re stuck with the wrong device or an awkward, clunky one, the blogging experience won’t be rewarding and you won’t feel as excited about your work. Compare it to writing poetry with a pen that doesn’t feel comfortable in your hand, or which writes scratchily. *shudder* Continue reading “The perfect device for blogging: laptop, tablet or desktop?”

How to get rid of writer’s block

I imagine writer’s block as a sort of monster. He’s slimy, has a raspy snake-like voice and halitosis, and he preys on your mind. Maybe he feeds off creative thoughts, a bit like dementors? You’re on a roll, writing page after perfect page of glowing copy, interesting dialogue and 3D descriptions, and then he finds you… Continue reading “How to get rid of writer’s block”

How to minimize distractions when writing

People think writing is easy, but it’s not. It’s work, just the same as any other profession. And what’s more, it requires an immense amount of focus. If you’re like me and are easily distracted (I never could get the hang of meditation), writing can feel frustrating. Continue reading “How to minimize distractions when writing”

How to stay motivated to keep pitching

Numbers motivate me and I use them to get things done. You know those 30 day plans? How to learn to blog in 30 days? Become fit in 30 days. I am the target market for such calls to action. I use it to motivate me to exercise. I use numbers to motivate me to form a new habit and I use them to stay motivated to pitch. Continue reading “How to stay motivated to keep pitching”

How to write a blog post fast!

Whether you use your blog as a portfolio, a marketing device, or simply as a place to voice your opinions, you need to be time-efficient. As a professional writer, your time is worth a lot, so while you don’t want to post something slapdash and amateurish, you shouldn’t spend hours poring over a blog post either. So in this article, we’ll talk about why – and how – to write a blog post fast!

Let’s start off with the why. Continue reading “How to write a blog post fast!”

How to write better blog posts in 10 steps

Writing better blog articles means more traffic which tends to mean more sales or more deals. You should be able to look back a year from now and see a marked improvement in your writing, especially if you’re new to blogging.

Out of the hundreds of steps in the blogging world that you can implement to write a better blog post, these are the top 10 that I use. Continue reading “How to write better blog posts in 10 steps”

Do People Really Still Read Blogs?

In the era of live streams, Instagram stories and other multimedia content, is blogging still relevant? Spoiler alert: all signs point to yes!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt noticed the influx of video and other forms of visual content flooding our social media feeds in recent years. Facebook live streams, YouTube channels, and Instagram stories seem to be all the rage these days. And considering how easy it is to create video content with modern smartphones, it’s no wonder this trend has caught on like wildfire! Continue reading “Do People Really Still Read Blogs?”

5 Ways having a personal blog can help your career

So, you’ve been thinking of starting a personal blog. Great idea! In today’s digital age, with internet marketing being at its peak, having a blog is growing increasingly common. And it makes sense, because of how simple a blog is to set up, and the benefits it offers.

In the traditional sense, a blog is a website where you post pieces written by you – they can be articles, essays, little notes to your readers, a sort of diary, creative writing, a fiction series, topical sonnets…anything! Continue reading “5 Ways having a personal blog can help your career”