How to write a blog post fast!

Whether you use your blog as a portfolio, a marketing device, or simply as a place to voice your opinions, you need to be time-efficient. As a professional writer, your time is worth a lot, so while you don’t want to post something slapdash and amateurish, you shouldn’t spend hours poring over a blog post either. So in this article, we’ll talk about why – and how – to write a blog post fast!

Let’s start off with the why. Continue reading “How to write a blog post fast!”

How to write better blog posts in 10 steps

Writing better blog articles means more traffic which tends to mean more sales or more deals. You should be able to look back a year from now and see a marked improvement in your writing, especially if you’re new to blogging.

Out of the hundreds of steps in the blogging world that you can implement to write a better blog post, these are the top 10 that I use. Continue reading “How to write better blog posts in 10 steps”

Do People Really Still Read Blogs?

In the era of live streams, Instagram stories and other multimedia content, is blogging still relevant? Spoiler alert: all signs point to yes!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt noticed the influx of video and other forms of visual content flooding our social media feeds in recent years. Facebook live streams, YouTube channels, and Instagram stories seem to be all the rage these days. And considering how easy it is to create video content with modern smartphones, it’s no wonder this trend has caught on like wildfire! Continue reading “Do People Really Still Read Blogs?”

5 Ways having a personal blog can help your career

So, you’ve been thinking of starting a personal blog. Great idea! In today’s digital age, with internet marketing being at its peak, having a blog is growing increasingly common. And it makes sense, because of how simple a blog is to set up, and the benefits it offers.

In the traditional sense, a blog is a website where you post pieces written by you – they can be articles, essays, little notes to your readers, a sort of diary, creative writing, a fiction series, topical sonnets…anything! Continue reading “5 Ways having a personal blog can help your career”

How to write your first blog post

…and knock your readers’ socks off!

Writing your first blog post can be daunting. You’ve built up this motivation to write, you’ve set up a blog and now you’re just staring at the screen. Self-doubt may have kicked and you’re not sure whether anyone will really want to read what you have to write. You’re probably stuck wondering what should my first blog post be about? Continue reading “How to write your first blog post”

Writing your assignment last minute eh? Here’s how to do it effectively

It happens. Nobody aims to write their assignment on the last day, and yet it happens. Some of us find we can only work well under the pressure of an immediate deadline, and succumb to procrastination up to that point. Continue reading “Writing your assignment last minute eh? Here’s how to do it effectively”

It All Starts With an Idea: How to Come Up With Story Ideas

Fiction, as it’s understood today, has its roots all the way back in 12th century England. With the art of fiction writing approaching its 1000th birthday, it’s safe to assume that writer’s block is also due to soon arrive at its first millennium of existence.

Let’s face it, coming up with new story ideas is a tall order. Especially in a world where it seems like everything has been done, creating something that feels original and interesting can feel impossible. Continue reading “It All Starts With an Idea: How to Come Up With Story Ideas”

Why good grammar is the shit!

It’s become common to see poor grammar and typos in all sorts of documents. From newspapers to national budgets, CVs to blog posts and even books. A side note: here’s an entertaining and fun discussion on Reddit on the difference in using “the shit” to mean something awesome and “is shit” to mean it sucks! Continue reading “Why good grammar is the shit!”

Boosting Your Blog Skills: How to Become a Better Blog Writer

You’re no English major, but you know you’ve got writing talent. It’s your natural born gift! Why not share it with the world?

Blogging is the perfect tool for delivery. But, the number of blog posts written in a single day is over 2 million! How do you stand out from the crowd?

You learn to be a better blog writer. Continue reading “Boosting Your Blog Skills: How to Become a Better Blog Writer”