It All Starts With an Idea: How to Come Up With Story Ideas

Fiction, as it’s understood today, has its roots all the way back in 12th century England. With the art of fiction writing approaching its 1000th birthday, it’s safe to assume that writer’s block is also due to soon arrive at its first millennium of existence. Let’s face it, coming up with new story ideas is a […]

Boosting Your Blog Skills: How to Become a Better Blog Writer

You’re no English major, but you know you’ve got writing talent. It’s your natural born gift! Why not share it with the world? Blogging is the perfect tool for delivery. But, the number of blog posts written in a single day is over 2 million! How do you stand out from the crowd? You learn to be a […]

How to Write Video Scripts That Connect With Your Audience

Good writing can be the gateway into many industries, including entertainment, advertising and marketing. A well-written video is an important component of many campaigns, whether it is used to promote a product, a cause or a candidate. You can make a nice living by writing video scripts, and make a name for yourself in the process.  However, you […]

Let’s Get Technical: How to Improve Your Technical Writing Skills

Do you believe your technical writing skills have room for improvement? Read on to learn how to improve your technical writing skills. Technical writing is a term with a couple of meanings. First, there is the profession; a technical writer is someone who translates complex information into writing that anyone can understand.

5 Ways To Help You Write Faster

I love writing just as much as I love reading. I can think of a few occasions where the time you spend writing doesn’t really matter. For instance when you are journaling, writing a letter, or writing an article where extensive research is required. But when you are writing content for a client, for your […]